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Egypt Coaching Camp

Last week my 147academy travelled to the beautiful city of Cairo in Egypt to hold a National Snooker Training Camp organised by the Egyptian Federation of Billiards Sport.

Some of the players were former or current African / Arab Champions plus former professional players who have competed on the World Snooker Tour. It is a big honour for my 147academy to be asked to work with the Egyptian players over the next two years on improving their game as they are so talented.

The 20 Players

The twenty selected players that were invited to the Sharkia Eastern Company Social Club were Wael Talat, Mohamed Ibrahim, Abdel Rahman Haredy, Hesham Shawky, Mostafa Dorgham, Mohamed Salama, Mohamed Nowier, Hatem Yassin, Yasser Sharbiny, Abdel Rahman Shaheen, Mohamed Khairy, Fadi Hamouda, Mohamed Hamdan, Ahmed Fokary, Mahmoued Hareedy, Mina Malak, Omar Ramy, George Hana, Karim Zoklot and Abdalla Gamal attended training from 10am-6pm each day.

I worked on improving their Technique, Break Building skills and Safety Games with Specific Academy Technical, Control, Scoring and Match-Play routines. I focused on their Technique and on the Mental Side of the game and I really feel the players will develop their game with every camp.

 I designed a new official training program endorsed by the Federation to help the players improve their game and the feedback was brilliant during and after the camp.


All the players received the videos from the coaching camp along with a copy of the new training booklet to work on during each training session. The players achieved fantastic results by improving on their scores day by day and I am already looking forward to the next camp in October.


I held different types of competitions during the camps to monitor. In the Technical competition Yasser Sharbiny, Mina Malak, Hatem Yassin, Mohamed Khairy, Mostafa Dorgham, Hesham Shawky, Fadi Hamouda, Ahmed Fokary and Mohamed Ibrahim won the events.


In the Control Competition Wael Talat, Abdel Rahman Shaheen, Mahmoued Hareedy, Mohamed Salama, Mostafa Dorgham, Hatem Yassin, Mohamed Khairy, Mohamed Salama and Abdel Rahman Haredy won the events.


The Scoring competitions were won by Mohamed Ibrahim, Wael Talat, Mohamed Salama, Abdel Rahman Haredy and Mahmoued Hareedy won the events.

Thank You

I would personally like to thank the Egyptian Federation of Billiards Sports for inviting me to work with their National Team players and I am already booked to hold more camps in 2019 and 2020.

I would like to thank Egyptian Federation of Sports President Mr Amr Elkharadly and his board plus Head Coaches Wael Talalt and Mohamed Kassem for their fantastic assistance during the camp. 

Good Luck

I would like to personally thank Hussein Abou Hussein for looking after me so well and wish all the Egyptian players the best of luck in their training. Finally i would like to wish good luck to Mina Malak in the IBSF World U-16’s in Russia and Wael Talat in the World Seniors in the Crucible next month. It was a pleasure training all the Egyptian players as the commitment was superb. Keep on training hard and see you all in October.


Russian Junior Training Camp

This week from the 9th – 11th of July my 147academy returned to the city of Kotka in Finland to hold a three Day Snooker Development Camp for five Russian Juniors from the Academy Billiard Sport in St Petersburg in the Finnalist Biljardi Club.

Along with the Snooker Camp, Professional Pool Coach Alex Lely from the Netherlands was holding a camp for sixteen Finnish and Russian pool players. It was fantastic to see how he did the camp and motivated all the pool players throughout the camp.

The five talented players who attended my Snooker Camp were Bogatyreva Aleksandra, Klesov Konstantin, Zvezdina Margarita, Polevoy Maxim and Krasikov Machail. I was so happy to see each player has improved since my last camp.

Developing 147academy Fundamentals

During this camp I worked again on fine tuning their fundamentals and I developed a new Academy Billiard Sport training plan to improve their Cue Ball Control, Break Building, Tactical and Safety games.

I worked again on developing a solid playing technique in their Stance, Cue Action, Grip, Address Position. The players practiced training routines to improve and the players also received my new 147Academy Sports Psychology booklet to work on their game. Each player also received a CD with the movies from the camp of their playing techniques plus the new programs to study at home.

Developing Champions

During the camp I analysed the players on the drills and all training scores will be now recorded by academy coaches Alexey Solovyev, Alexey Denisov and a scoring statistics on each player will be developed to monitor each player and I am confident the players are in good hands.

Match – Play Challenge Winner

The overall winner of the Match Play Challenge was Klesov Konstantin with a stunning 11 victories from the sixteen mini tournaments.

Talented Players

I believe the Russian players have good fundamentals plus a new training program to improve more. I was so impressed again with the players commitment and Alexey Solovyev and Alexey Denisov from the Academy Billiard Sport on developing the game in St Petersburg and it is an honour to have my 147 academy linked to theirs.

Thank You

I would like to thank the five young Russian players for training so hard and I wish them good luck in the future and a big thank you again to Alexey Solovyev and Alexey Denisov for booking the camp.

It was an honour to meet Alex Lely and I would like to thank the Finallist Club for holding the camp and I am looking forward to seeing everyone again in the near future.

Sweden Junior Training Camp

This week my 147 Academy travelled to Stockholm in Sweden to hold a four day Junior Snooker Developmental Training Camp on behalf of the Swedish Billiards & Snooker Association.

Six promising junior players were selected to avail of this Coaching and Training in the snookerhallen Snooker Club in Stockholm. The Players were 13year-old Viktor Mahred, 18year-old Max Nettleton, 14year-old Robin Göransson, 11year-old Walter Laikre, 15year-old Nils Ritenius Manjer and 13year-old Linus Blenckner.

Training Structure

All the players practiced various routines against each other in Technical, Control and Scoring routines to improve their games with Concentration, Cue Ball Control, Break Building, Long Potting, Tactical and Safety drills. Each player received a CD with all the videos of their playing techniques plus a new training program and mind fitness booklet to study at home.

Very Impressed

I was very impressed with the talent of the young Swedish players like 11 year old Walter Laikre and 13 year old Viktor Mahred who I believe can really develop into good players on the International scene while current International players Max Nettleton and Nils Ritenius Manjer showed me how much they have improved since the European Championships in Israel in March.

14-year-old Robin Göransson and 13-year-old Linus Blenckner are the new juniors in the sport but they showed fantastic commitment and skills during the camp and they were really pushing the others by the end of the training camp.

Mental Game

I worked on developing good fundamentals in their techniques but also on the Mental side of the game as I believe this is a crucial area if they want to improve more by putting in place steps in achieving a better Mental state during practice and in their tournaments. 

Challenge Winners

During the Camp I held scoring challenges with everyone playing against each other in various areas of the game and on Day 1 the winners were Max Nettleton when he won the Techniques Challenge, Nils Ritenius Manjer won the Control Challenge, Max Nettleton won the Scoring Challenge while Nils Ritenius Manjer won the Match-Play Challenge.

Day 2 winners were Max Nettleton winning the Techniques Challenge, Viktor Mahred won the Long Potting Challenge, Nils Ritenius Manjer won the Control Challenge, Max Nettleton & Viktor Mahred won the Scoring Challenge and Nils Ritenius Manjer won the Match-Play Challenge.

Day 3 winners were Max Nettleton winning the Techniques Challenge, Nils Ritenius Manjer won the Control Challenge, Max Nettleton won the Scoring Challenge and Nils Ritenius Manjer won the Match-Play Challenge.

Day 4 saw Nils Ritenius Manjer winnning the Techniques Challenge and the Match-Play Challenge to end the camp on a high with a stunning display. All the players improved their tactical games througout the camp. 

Training Plan

Each player was coached on improving their technique, shot selection and a new training structure was designed to motivate the players to train better with targets and goals to achieve.  The players practiced from 10am - 6pm each day and I worked on getting each player into the correct Approach, Address Position, Stance, Cue Action using my Alignment Laser, 360 Cue, Blade Cue and EBSA Coaching Balls.

Thank You

I would like to thank Andy Nettleton and Jonas Fahlander for ensuring everything went perfect during the camp, I would also like to thank all the players in making it a great success. It was a pleasure training all the players as their commitment was superb and I really hope it helps to build up their confidence to train better and improve more in the future.

Finally thank you to the Swedish Billiards & Snooker Association for inviting me to Sweden and to the Snookerhalen Snooker Club for hosting the camp and I look forward to holding another Coaching Camp for the Swedish Association in the near future.

Finland Coaching Camp

This week my 147academy travelled to the beautiful city of Turku on the southwest coast of Finland to hold a snooker training camp in the amazing AuraBiljardi Club.

The spectacular AuraBiljardi Club is one of the most incredible Snooker Club I have ever held a coaching camp in. The AuraBiljardi Club has nine beautiful professional Star Snooker Tables plus many American Pool, Chineese 8 Ball Pool Table and Carmon Tables. The Club is also one of the busiest with many cue sport lovers playing in the club from the moment it opens to closing time.

Talented Players

This camp was focused on training four promising Finnish Juniors in Patrik Tiihonen, Eelis Lappalaisen, Tuure Lappalainen and Toni Savonen plus AuraBiljard Club owner Marko Parkkola and Harri Lappalainen.

Patrik Tiihonen, Eelis Lappalaisen and Tuure Lappalainen have represented Finland in EBSA European and IBSF World Championships over the years and they have achieved superb results and it was a big honour to train and coach them again.

Develop good Fundamentals

During this camp I developed a new training program with training on specific shots, drills and situations that occur in frames and matches.  The players were also shown how to plan a session and to start making written records from their training so improvement can be measured with goals,  targets and feedback from each session.

I held different types of competitions during the camp to monitor the player’s performances in Technical, Mental and Scoring Areas and on Day 1 Tuure Lappalainen won the Technical and Mental Challenges and Patrik Tiihonen won the Scoring Challenge.

On Day 2 Tuure Lappalainen again won the Technical and Patrik Tiihonen won the Mental amd Scoring Challenges. Day 3 we focused on Match-Play and analysis of the players videos.

New Training Program

The three-day training camp covered all aspects of the game from developing good fundamentals in their playing technique i.e. Approach, Stance, Grip, Bridge, and Cue Action.  I used my EBSA Coaching Training Balls, Master Doctor Kit, Balde Cue, 360 Cue and Academy Laser to develop their approach of coming in on line of aim to deliver the cue better. 

Incredible Standard

All the players practiced routines for Cue Ball Control, Safety Play and Break Building. Each player received a CD to study at home with the videos from the camp plus a booklet of improving their mental side of the game.

Honour to Coach in Finland

It was an honour to train the Finnish players again and see how passionate they were about wanting to learn.  The AuraBiljardi Club is the perfect training base to help develop more champions of the future in Finland.

The passion shown this week bodes well for growing the game and it is a big honour for my 147academy to help the Finland players improve more and achieve more good results on the International stage.

Thank You

I would like to thank Harri Lappalainen and Marko Parkkola from the AuraBiljardi Club for organising everything and making my stay in Turku so nice.

Finally thank you to all the players for training so hard and giving me 100% commitment throughout the camp. I look forward to our next camp to monitor your progress.

AuraBiljardi Club Web Site

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