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Happy Christmas & New Year Everyone

I would like to wish all my 147academy students and friends all around the world a Wonderful Christmas and New Year.

Last season was another memorable season and it started off with Rodney Goggins reaching the final of the Irish Masters in Goffs, Aaron Hill winning the European U-18 title and Ross Bulman reaching the European U-21 Final. My young Irish juniors retained the Celtic Challenge and it ended this week with Ross Bulman beating World No.12 Barry Hawkins in a world snooker ranking event.

My Irish and International students have won National events or have improved their ranking and breaks. I am so proud of everyone who represents my 147Academy. I have a great job being a professional snooker coach but my job is made easy with all of your dedication.

I would like to thank The Republic of Ireland Billiards & Snooker Association for their continued support. I would also like to thank all the International Players, Associations and Clubs in Ireland and all across Europe for inviting me to hold 147academy coaching camps in 2019.

It was a great pleasure training and guiding you all. I look forward to meeting everyone again in 2020 in helping you achieve your goals and dreams on and off the snooker table.

Happy Christmas and Happy Cueing for 2020 everyone!!!

Milan Training Camp

This week my 147academy returned to the beautiful city of Milan in Italy to hold my 7th snooker training camp in the Ambrosian Snooker Academy in Milan.  Davide Coltro who is an EBSA and WPBSA Coach and the main developer of snooker within F.I.B.I.S. organised the camp.

This five-day training camp covered all aspects of the game from developing good fundamentals in their playing technique i.e. Approach, Stance, Grip, Bridge, Cue Action to Safety and Tactical shots within their games. 

I used the Master Doctor Kit to develop their approach of coming in on line of aim and it was announced this week that this kit will become the official EBSA coaching aid for all EBSA Coaches.

Italian 5 Pins Players

Some of the players who attended this camp were from the sport of 5pins which is the most popular cue sports game in Italy. Five pins is played on a Carom table with 5 pins in the centre of the table and the players who attended were eager to learn the technical side of snooker. The National Coach Thomas Primon was on hand to guide the players on learning and developing the news skills.

Thomas Primon said all the players were very happy with the technical and mental training achieved during the camp and the players are already using some of the techniques in their games already.

All the other players were from cities all across Italy and they practiced routines for Cue Ball Control, Safety Play and Break Building. Each player received a CD to study at home with the videos from the camp.

Develop good Fundamentals

This camp was to focus on developing a new training program and raise the knowledge and standard of snooker in Italy by training on specific shots, drills and situations that occur in frames and matches.  The players were also shown how to plan a session and to start making written records from their training so improvement can be measured with feedback from each session.

Honour to Coach in Italy

It was an honour to train the Italian players as they are so passionate about wanting to learn.  Davide Coltro is working hard to develop snooker in Italy and the game is becoming more popular each year with more and more clubs and Academies starting up all around Italy.

Within Eurosport they have their own commentators and this bodes well for the growing of the sport and it is a big honour for my 147academy to help in producing top-class players in the future.

Thank You

I would like to thank F.I.B.I.S., Ambrosian Snooker Academy and Davide Coltro for organising everything and making my stay in Milan so enjoyable. Finally, thank you to all the players for training hard and giving me 100% commitment throughout the camp.

I look forward to the next camp in 2020 to monitor their progress.

Arrivederci PJ

Austrian Snooker Camp

My latest Austrian National Training Camp was held in the HSEBC Cue Sports Academy in Vienna, Austria. This camp was again organised by the Austrian Billiards & Snooker Association with twelve players invited to attend this two-day camp.

The Players

Florian Nüßle, Oskar Charlesworth, Jérôme Liedtke, Tajmeet Grover, Mario Bodlos, Mike Busse, Arif Hussaini, Andreas Ploner, Thomas Janzso, Philipp Koch, Kapitany Elias and Billiard International Martin Schmidt attended this intense training camp to prepare for next months National Championships.

The Camp Winners

I held different types of competitions during the camp to monitor the player’s performances. The first day was all about long potting and scoring. The winner was Florian Nüßle with a stunning display with Andreas Ploner in second place and Thomas Janzso, Philipp Koch and Jérôme Liedtke in joint third place.

On the second day I held various Match-Play competitions and the winner was Oskar Charlesworth who stayed unbeaten the whole day with nine victories in a row, Mario Bodlos finished in second place with Thomas Janzso, Philipp Koch and Jérôme Liedtke in joint third place.

Training Plan

During this camp I worked with the players on improving their Technique, Break Building skills and Safety Games with specific academy Technical, Mental, Scoring and Match-Play routines. I really feel the players are developing their game with every camp. All the players practiced from 10am – 6pm and it was a pleasure training them again as their commitment was superb.


All the players received videos from the coaching camp along with a copy of the new training booklet to work on during each training session at home.

Thank You

I would personally like again to thank the Austrian Association for inviting me to work with the players and I am already looking forward to holding the next camp in February 2020. 

Finally, I would like to thank Austrian President and Sport Director Christian Fock and National Coach Chau Zi Kim for their assistance during the camp and I wish Austrian player Florian Nüßle good luck in this month’s World Snooker European Masters Qualifier in England and all the players good luck in their National Championships in January. 

Come on Austria!!!!

India Coaching Camp

Last week my 147academy returned to the capital of India's West Bengal, Kolkata city to hold a Snooker Coaching Camp in the Calcutta Cosmopolitan Club from the 19th-27th of November.

The Players

The eight Players from the city of Kolkata showed fantastic commitment in wanting to learn the skills with Shreevardhan Poddar, Rishabh Dugar, Mudit Poddar, Dhruv Agarwal, Aayush Gangwal, Rajesh Tulsian, Priyansh Jain and young 8yr old Samridhee Dugar attended this camp.

Academy Aids

I used my Master Doctor and laser to get the players in line, I used the 360cue to achieve a smoother delivery and I used my Blade Cue to help the players deliver the cue straight.

Camp Goal

All the players were recorded and practiced Technique, Break Building, Long Potting and Safety routines. I worked on creating records for the players to achieve and I fine-tuned good fundamentals in their playing techniques. I developed a new training program to improve their Break Building and Cue Ball Control as I feel this is a crucial area in developing their game to a higher level.


Each player received the videos of their action from the camp plus a player profile that outlines what is needed next to improve even more. All the players also received a sports psychology to help with their mind fitness.


The size and population the city of Kolkata always overwhelmed me as it is over 5.5 million people living in one city. The hospitality shown to me again from the moment, I arrived to the moment I left was incredible.

Thank You

I bring back some great memories and it was a pleasure training all the players again as their commitment and passion to learn the new skills was superb. I would like to thank the Calcutta Cosmopolitan Club for hosting the camp and thank Sandjeep Jain for organising a great Camp.

Remember ‘’ Practice hard and play with Confidence ‘’

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