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Developing a good shot approach routine is a vital part of your overall playing technique.  I have written “The Approach” to help players improve the fundamentals in developing a good Shot Approach.  The most important aspect is to get the cue on the line before moving your body into the shot.  This is achieved by standing back from the table and placing the cue on line to start the approach drill to the table

Before you start your approach remember to check the shot angles as 90% of the shot aim is achieved when you get behind the shot.  On the way down on the cue remember to aim as when you are finally down, you can only add the final 10%. 

When you have visualized the shot, come in on line and get your tip up on the cue ball.  Always address the cue ball where you intend to strike it and do not move the cue until your chest touches your cue.  You must bring your chest to the cue and not your cue to the chest as the cue is already on line and the chest will be used to support the cue on the line.  As you are coming into the shot place part of your leading leg on the line as this creates your chest contact point and will help to guide your cue,

Finding the line, you have to imagine a line through the shot and through the table and along the floor.  Some players get their leading toe, some get the back of their heel on this line and you must find the part of your leading leg that suits you.  If you feel one aspect of your approach drill is not right, then you must get up from the shot and go through your drill again. Remember the 90% and the 10% areas of the approach as the champions do not forget.