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The most important aspect of your stance is to be comfortable, balanced and have part of your leading leg on line of the shot. I have written “The Stance” to help players improve the fundamentals in developing a good Stance

There are 2 types of stance: The Boxer Stance & Square Stance. A stance similar to the Square Stance is recommended for Even Sighted and Right Eyed right handed players.  The Boxer style is best for Left Eyed right handed Players.

The Boxer Stance: The leading leg is at an angle to the shot and the body is turned to the side of the shot.  The hips and chest are around 45 degrees angle to the line of the shot. The Square Stance: The leading leg is on the line of the shot and your left leg is bent and both feet are parallel to the shot and the table.

Both Stance styles the weight is distributed so the player is leaning forward. Placing part of your leading leg on the line will create the chest contact point to help you guide your cue. Finding the line of aim, you have to imagine a line through the shot and through the table and along the floor. Some players get their leading toe and some get the back of their heel on this line, you must find the part of your leading leg that suits you.