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Academy Training Aids

Hi Tec Support:

All 147academy training sessions are digitally recorded and the players bring home a CD of the lesson to study at home with the key points from the lesson. This is key in developing good fundamentals in their techniques and overall game.. 


The QBoard practice Table - CLICK HERE

The Training Base:

The Master Doctor:



The Blade Cue & Blade Mat:

The 360 Pure Cue Action Trainer:

The 360 Cue Action is the best training aid on the market to help a player develop a smooth cue action and delivery as this cue has a spring built into it to stop the unwanted movement of the wrist or cue arm. I have used the cue with players in my academy and it is becoming very popular all around the world. If you would like to buy your own cue. Click here to Buy



Maxaim Laser

The new Maxaim 4 Laser is endorsed by my 147academy as the best laser on the market to help students on how to improve their playing technique and potting skills. The laser comes with a tripod and foot switch.



Sports Mind Audio:

A vast amount of sports psychology audio has been amassed over the years from a number of different sports that have been used by world and Olympic sportspeople. This is available to all academy players to work on the mental side of the game.



The PJ Cue Ball:

The Cue ball has been modified with a hole through it to help with cueing. It helps players to develop rhythm and accuracy during their cue action. 



The Potting Laser:

The Potting laser is a device that is set up to any shot on the table. The spider illuminates an impact point on the object ball and the projected line of aim into the pocket.



The Cue Swing

The Cue Swing is a solid mental bar attached to a tripod with a slide grip that is set up alongside the table. The Student address the cue ball and it teaches the player to move the cue arm back and forward along the correct line of aim.



The Aiming Spider

The Aiming Spider is a new laser device that is set up to any shot on the table. The spider illuminates an impact point on the object ball and highlights a ghost ball as well as projecting a beam of the line of aim into the pocket.



Video Analysis software 

Motion view Video Analysis software is regarded as one of the top analysis software in the world and is available during the lessons for the academy players.



True Pot

True Pot is a practice aid which gives you precise accuracy for snooker in angle identification to pot snooker balls.