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One word sums up PJ Nolan, FANTASTIC. With his encouragement, support and above all amazing coaching skills. I have been coached by PJ since i started playing snooker at the age of  10 and i soared to my victory in the 2009 European Snooker Championships in Belgium, securing my main tour spot for 2009 / 2010 Season. In 2011 i finished number 1 on the Irish rankings to qualify again for the main tour for 2011-2012 season. I would highly recommend PJ to any one looking to improve their game and i would like to take this opportunity to thank him for every thing he has done for me.

David Hogan : Ex-European Champion and Professional


I believe that PJ Nolan is the best Snooker Coach in the world. He has brought great success to Irish snooker over the years and in my own career. He was with me when i won the Pot Black title in the famous crucible theatre in Sheffield and with out his and guidance i think i would have never had the belief to win it.  I have now won every Irish national snooker title from Under 14, Under 16, Under 18 and in 2011 i won the Under 19, Under 21 and Senior national snooker championships to complete the full set of Irish Titles. I have only ever had one coach and i would like to thank PJ for all his advice, training and coaching that has made me the player i am today...

Jason Devaney - 2016 Irish No.1 Player

I have trained under PJ for many years now and I do not think I could have found a better coach and guide to take my snooker to new heights. In 2008, after my first stint at the academy with PJ, I reached the final of the Asian Snooker Championship on debut and earned my main tour spot. There's been no looking back since then. Even though I drooped off the tour after my first season, PJ's guidance and belief helped me to keep going. I won 2 medals(Silver,Bronze) at the Asian Games 2010, including a first ever for an Indian in the Individual Snooker Category. 

In 2011, I reached my second Asian Championship Final and got back my Main Tour spot for the 2011-12 season. PJ is not just a coach, he is a great person and I have a lot of respect for him, on and off the table. His work ethic and his passion for coaching is unbelievable and I would recommend him as the ideal snooker coach for any professional or amateur player. His methods and extremely well thought out and they bring out the best in me. The heavy scoring in the practice routines helped me to raise my concentration levels and scoring power in matches. He believes that what you put in is what you get out and so hard work is key. I wish to keep working with him for years to come and with his help, reach the goals I have set for myself in this sport....

Aditya Metha - Asian Champion and Professional Snooker Player


PJ is without doubt the best snooker coach in the world and a great friend. He helped me at an early stage in my career to turn me into the player that I have become winning countless amateur tournaments and turning professional. if any player is starting off I would recommend pj as the best person to go and the benefits gained will be very worthwhile.

Vincent Muldoon : Three Time Irish Senior Champion and Former Professional Player


I would like to describe PJ’s coaching and training as simply the best and working with PJ started a long time ago! and he really is the best to me. I start winning international events since I start working with him and no matter in what level you are, he can fix you and improve your snooker. I always relay on him to prepare me for my big tournament and his training books get me focused on what i need to do to be ready to play my best snooker.

He will push your game to the ultimate level and I only wish I can work with him one to one more often. Here is what I have achieved since working with him: 2006 ACBS Asian Championship Silver Medallist,, 2006 Main tour player , 2007 Asian Indoor Games Gold Medallist , 2007 IBSF World Championship Bronze Medallist, 2009 World Games Bronze Medallist, 2010 Asian Indoor Games Bronze Medallist, 2011 West Asian Championship Gold Medalist

Mohammed Shehab UAE - Arab and Asian Games Champion

PJ Martin McCrudden best Snooker coach that i have ever worked with. He is totally dedicated to his job and with his knowledge of snooker he can only bring your game forward. I would recommend PJ to any one looking for a coach to improve their game.

Martin McCrudden : 3 Time Irish Champion

I hShachar Ruberg consistently and got better each season. Thanks to him I achieved some great results like becoming the Israeli youngest National champion. His training programs motivate you to train hard and make each session enjoyable. I would highly recommend to everyone who seeks a coach to work with PJ who is a great man and friend besides being a great snooker coach.

Shachar Ruberg: Israel Senior Champion


P.J. is a great snooker coach, motivator and he is a passionate corner man and in my eyes he will do everything in his power to get you playing well. He is an immense presence at events not just in terms of coaching but also just having conversations to relax me before matches. I love having a pair of eyes watching my game and technique and P.J. is the only one I trust. I have only ever had two coaches in my career Larry Codd and P.J. and since Larry died in 2010 I could not have asked for a better person to help my game.

PJ’s best asset is at intervals where he will always be beside you keeping you confident and telling you what you need to do to win the match. I made a 147 break at the 2010 IBSF World Championships and won the bronze medal and without PJ's help i would not have achieved this success. At major snooker championships around the world he is one of only a few coaches who works with a number of international players from across Europe and Asia which outlines his coaching skills and why he is wanted by so many players. He designs his own training manuals which I use to prepare for all my events and his video analysis is crucial in building my confidence to play my best snooker. Without doubt he is an invaluable investment to Irish player’s success at international events and in his role of building up a team of junior players who will win major titles in the future and I hope RIBSA continue his role of national coach for number of years to come. I would like to personally thank P.J. for all his help to date and I look forward to working with him in the future in fulfilling my goals.

Rodney Goggins : Ex Pro and Ex-World Under-21 Champion

PJ Nolan is a great person and a fantastic coach. He has an exceptional understanding and appreciation of the game together with a clear and efficient way of communicating his vast knowledge to others. He has an excellent approach and uses great training programs which cover all the areas of the game.

His professional advice would be of great value to any player at any stage. He is a great influence on me personally and I’d like to thank him for all his support throughout the years which gave me the motivation and confidence to always improve.

Dimitris Economou – Greek National Champion – International Player

I think PJ Nolan is a great snooker coach and the very best around. He gives 100% to all his players in his Academy. I would not be where i am in the game without your support and dedication. His training books get me focused for all my events and i feel more confident when the tournament begins.

David Cassidy : Irish Senior International

I've known pj for nearly 20 years now and I call him mr snooker. The passion and love he has for the game is second to none. Widely regarded as one as the the worlds best coaches pj has helped me alot and my other fellow Irish internationals to numerous success over the years in both Ireland and abroad. A great coach and family man pj is just a class act on and off the table......

Robert Murphy : Irish Senior International

PJ's coaching is very unique . He not only tries to deal with the technical side of coaching but also the psychological aspects of it. His coaching promotes confidence in me before a big tournament. I like how he video's the coaching sessions and the variation he has in his routines. Finally PJ is big on dedication in a player and stands for practice makes perfect .

Johnny Williams - Irish Senior International

PJ Nolan is the best and most dedicated coach in the world. He has plenty of experience and patience. PJ has routines in snooker, pool, and even billiards. He also has many booklets with information on every aspect of the game, including psychology. He coaches the player on every aspect of the game, and records the player's performance on a dvd. Apart from this, He gives the player a training plan to stick with, and record results from. I have improved a lot, both in snooker and pool, since my 1st training camp with PJ because he was capable to get the best out of every aspect of my game.

This is truly seen in my results. I reached the Final of the Pool U-18 European Teams Championships, won a Ranking Tournament in the Maltese Pool Association's Under 21 category, reached the Quarter Finals in the U- 21 Maltese Pool Championships, and reached the Quarter Finals in the Under 21 Maltese Snooker Championships. I would like to take this opportunity to thank PJ for all the work he has done with me so far, and also, in advance, for the work he has to do with me in the future. I recommend PJ to any player in Malta and in the World, because I am sure that everyone can improve with his great experience, dedication, and patience.

Ryan Pisani: Maltese U18 Pool International

I was with PJ for a couple of days in August 2010 and found it well worth the journey!! Over the years practice had become monotonous but with PJ's practice books it has become enjoyable and motivating with his routines and proper practice. I personally feel i am now beginning to practice the correct way and i am enjoying doing it. I have never seen myself play before, PJ records you playing and makes DVDs to show you where you are going wrong. You can look back and get confidence from seeing yourself playing well. For me this was a great thing because now i have the DVDs to see where i am going wrong and can see how much i have improved. When staying with PJ i have learnt many things from the books he provides. You have a lot to work on from his snooker routines to the mental side of the game.

Johnny Kells : Northern Ireland International

I cannot think of words to describe the experience at your academy as it was a wholesome experience. It is extremely inspiring and motivating to see the Coach put in so much effort by guiding, providing routine books, arranging matches with Irelands top players and most importantly recording videos of all practice sessions and matches which is a very lucrative package. It definitely brings out the best in the players and i am a new person all together with greater degree of confidence.

My game has improved and I look forward to performing in big tournaments and visiting the academy again for another session. In 2011 i was awarded a WSA wildcard to play on the main tour and i would like to thank PJ for all his help.

Lucky Vatnani : Indian International & Professional Player

When I first met PJ Nolan, a couple of years ago, I was just a guy who was interested in snooker and played a bit just for fun. My technique wasn't very good and I didn't really understand how or if I could improve my game. Since I started to get coaching my technique has improved dramatically, I'm starting to enjoy the game more and I have risen from 95 on the Senior Rankings after my first season to 43 currently. He has given me the knowledge and the tools to improve my game. His practice routines help you to work on all aspects of your game from your technique, cue ball control,break building etc. as well as the mental approach to the game.

He has given me the confidence to think that I can improve further as I look to do better for the rest of this season and in the future. In addition to his work with me though, I have witnessed first hand his efforts and dedication to improving snooker players of every level both here in Ireland and across the world. He does a lot of work with the Junior players in Ireland to encourage them and help them develop their games.

Peter Dunne : Maynooth SC

P.J. is the best coach I have ever had and 4 days training was the hardest i have ever done. My head was full of bad things about my game, which had stopped me from improving. When i came to P.J. he gave me some advices during first practice and the results were obvious. I took home full bag of DVD's of my training. It helps a lot when i am practicing alone, because i can see what i have to do. I will definitely will come receive lessons from P.J. again to keep myself on the correct way, because THE BEST COACHING ONLY CAN GUIDE YOU TO THE WINNING LINE!!!!

Vytautas Simanavičius : Lithuania International Player 

PJ is in my opinion is the best coach around. He has been coaching me for a number of years now and without him my game would not be where is is today. I won the National Under 16 Snooker Championship in 2011 and PJ's guidance was the main factor in winning my first Senior Ranking title.In 2016.

I then won the 2016 European Under 21 Championships in Poland and having PJ in my corner was one of the main reasons i won the title. I am now a professional player and having the World's best Coach gives me the best chance to reach the next level and I love training using PJ's training books to get me focused and confident to play my best game.

Josh Boileau: Current Professional and European Under-21 Champion

I Joined the 147 academy when I was eight years old and PJ has helped me get the best of out my game. He has improved my technique and cue action and his practice routines really help me with my cue ball control and break building. I would advise anyone to get coaching from him as he will improve your game as he did with mine. .

Stephen Bateman : Irish Under 21 International Player

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