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Coaching in Kolkata India

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Last week my 147academy travelled to Kolkata in the state of Bengal in India to hold a coaching camp in the beautiful Bengal Rowing Club from the 16th-24th April for leading players from the city.

The Players

Some of the players have achieved success on the big stage in India over the years with Rajesh Tulsian, Sandeep Singhania, Ankit Kariwala, Dhruv Agarwal, Shreevardhan Poddar, Bhavin Shah, Sachin Goenka, Dhreen Baid, Rishabh Dugar and Priyansh Jain attended this camp.

Technology to Improve

India has a great tradition of producing champions over the years but I feel the players must use modern technology to help them improve nowadays as this will give them that missing percentage in improving their games.

Academy Aids

I used my Master Doctor to get the players in line, I used the 360cue to achieve a smoother delivery and I used my Blade Cue to help the players deliver the cue straight. Leading International players Brijesh Damani and Manish Jain also attended to get their technique fine-tuned and I was amazed with so many good talented player in the state of Bengal.

Camp Goal

All the players were recorded and practiced Technique, Break Building, Long Potting and Safety routines. I worked on fine tuning good fundamentals in their playing techniques by analysing their videos and I developed a new training program for them to use. I also worked on their safety game with mini tournaments as I feel this is a crucial area for their improvement in developing their game to a higher level.


Each player received the videos of their action from the camp plus a player profile that outlines what is needed next to improve even more. All the players also received a sports psychology audio to help with their mind fitness.


The size and population of this city overwhelmed me as it is over 5.5 million people living in one city and the hospitality shown to me from the moment I arrived to the moment I left was incredible. I bring back some great memories and it was a pleasure training the players as their commitment and passion to learn the new skills was superb and I would love to return for another camp and monitor the player’s progress in the near future.

Thank You

I would like to thank the Bengal Rowing Club and their committee for hosting the camp and Rajesh Tulsian and Sandeep Jain for arranging my camp and finally a big thank you to all the players for training so hard and making it a great memory of my first camp in Kalkota.

Good bye अलविदा