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Austria Snooker Camp

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Last weekend my 147 Academy travelled to Northern Austria to hold another training camp for the Austrian Billiards & Snooker Association.  This camp was held in the Union Wels Billiard Club which is run by Austrian Coach Guenther Echhart.  The camp started off with a two hour mental training session by leading Austrian Mental Coach Dieter Simoncsics which I believe will help the players reach their true potential.

The players were Ebrahim Baghi, Mario Bodlos, Christian Hochmayer, Serbest Hussein, Elias Kapitany, Philipp Koch, Jérôme Liedtke, Florian Nüßle, Markus Pfistermüller and Patrick Stift.  The ten players trained very hard during the two day camp on various routines to improve Concentration, Cue Ball Control, Break Building, Tactical and Safety Games from 10am - 6pm.

Five out of the ten players will represent Austria in upcoming International events when Ebrahim Baghi and Christian Hochmayer will compete in the EBSA Snooker Championships in Albania next week while Philipp Koch, Markus Pfistermüller and Florian Nüßle will compete in the IBSF World U-18 & U-21 Championships in China in July.

16 year old Mario Bodlos and 18 year old Patrick Stift really impressed me in their first official National team camp and I look forward to seeing them joining all future camps to help them improve their game.  This camp I focused on scoring and tactical games again as I feel the players have now good fundamentals in their playing techniques.

We held two break building challenges which were won by Florian Nüßle with a stunning display of high scoring.  Florian also won one of the long potting and cue ball control challenges.  Serbest Hussein won a match-play and long potting challenge.  Jérôme Liedtke won the match-play challenge while Ebrahim Baghi won the safety play challenge to show their overall improvement and again I was very happy with the player’s attitude and training quality during the camp.

I would like to thank Austrian Sport Director Christian Fock and local coach Guenther Echhart and Mental Coach Dieter Simoncsics for all their assistance throughout the camp. I would like to thank the Union Wels Billiard Club for hosting the camp.  Finally I would like to wish all the Austrian players good luck in their upcoming Championships and thank them for making this camp another great success.  I look forward to holding the next camp for the Austrian Association in Vienna in September.