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The 147 Academy Pool Game

The Academy Pool Game contains 32 specific 8 Ball Pool practice routines that I use with my Academy Pool players to improve their potting, cue ball control and concentration. There are two levels of National and International for the player to choose from.

The National level is that you can pot any ball in any order. The International level is potting one colour then the other colour with the black potted last. Each routine you will either win, lose or draw by the score you achieve and this helps to motivate you in achieving higher and higher scores during each session.

Each 50 page PDF also contains Academy mind sets to help you improve the mental side of your game, Advice on Fitness, Nutrition and Relaxation. Advice on how to replace a Cue Tip, Choose the Right Cue, plus Technical Advice on how to play your best snooker.

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